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The kitchen, chefs, nutritionists and the entire medical team and Verita Life clinics are fully competent in designing meal programmes that keep your body healthy and strong. This includes a trained chef, anti-cancer nutritionist and a fully customized meal program that guests can enjoy.

The food you eat is fundamental to your physical and mental well-being, it’s important that our patients feel like they are doing more than getting cancer treatments, that they are healing their bodies.

And a person that’s in good spirits will always recover faster.

What is Personalised Anticancer Diet ?

Food is life. A popular mantle that sits firmly at the heart of what integrative medicine is. It’s a part of who we are and introduces nothing that our bodies can’t handle. It joins an already cyclical process in the way we gain energy, the way we perform, and the way we fight disease.

The organic diet is derived from the principle that our bodies are more adaptive than the cancer that lives in it. Like us, cancer cells use glucose as fuel. This means a diet high in sugars will create an optimal environment for cancer to thrive and tumors to grow.

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Why choose Personalised Anticancer Diet ?

Introduction to an organic diet forces the body to find an alternate source of energy. Because the level of sugars in a patient’s daily caloric intake isn’t sufficient to keep the engine running, they start creating ketones from fatty acids processed by the liver.

Cancer cells can’t process ketones, so they can’t reproduce nearly as well as they could in their optimal environment. When this happens, tumor activity is weakened and easier to destroy. Alongside integrative therapy, it turns your body into a domain that keeps the body’s normal function intact and becomes a desolate, nutrient-poor habitat to the cancer.

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