The human bladder is a part of the body that often holds very few people’s attention. This November, as we observe Bladder Health Month, more people are urged to pay attention to their bladders.

Two of the most common Bladder Health problems include urinary incontinence and overactive bladders. Urinary incontinence is often characterised by urine leakage when one sneezes or coughs while having a desperate urge to rush to the toilet. As for the overactive bladders (OAB), the bladder ceases to perform its main functions accordingly, that is, to store urine and to empty it.

Consequently, patients experience leakage or incontinence.

For those with Bladder Cancer, their illness is caused when the cells in the urinary bladder start to grow uncontrollably. As more cells develop, they form a tumor and spread to other parts of the body.

Bladder Health problems are often caused by a wide variety of factors. These include: the consumption of certain drinks and foods such as alcohol, carbonated drinks and foods that are high in spice, sugar or acid; smoking, urinary tract infections, constipation, pregnancy, changes with age and neurological disorders.

In order to keep one’s bladders in good health, it is advisable to: drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, cut down on caffeinated drinks, use clean bathrooms and stop smoking.

At Verita Life, we provide Integrative Treatment as an option for those suffering from Bladder Cancer or Bladder Health problems in general. This is a treatment option that is highly effective, yet quite kind on the patient’s immune system.

Bladder Cancer Infographic

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