Poised and well spoken, Nina Concannon opens up about her cancer and treatment experience. She went to bed as she always did one night, but upon having a seizure in her sleep and being rushed to hospital, she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour. This was in 2013.

After trying out two surgeries and having neither of them be as effective as she’d hoped, Nina almost threw in the towel and psychologically began preparing herself to go the chemo and radio therapy routes. However, relentless and determined, she kept doing some research hoping to find another form of treatment that wouldn’t be as harsh on her body as chemo and radiotherapy.

It was after spending great amounts of time online and talking to friends, that Nina learnt about various cancer treatments such as Hyperthermia. Extremely optimistic and relived, Nina and her husband continued doing even more research. This is how they discovered Verita Life.

After travelling to Bangkok, Nina received various kinds of treatment as part of her comprehensive treatment plan. She had supplements, herbs, colonics, detoxing and even massages.

Nina remarks that the entire treatment worked wonderfully for her. She was also very impressed and floored by the experience she had at the world class facilities in Bangkok, emphasizing with emotion, that she felt “like a celebrity.”

A Brain Tumour is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain or close to the brain. While some Brain Tumours are benign, some are malignant. Although the cause of a brain tumour is still unclear to doctors, age, exposure to radiation and family history have been identified as some of the risk factors for the illness.

Alternative Treatments continue to make great strides in the health sector and give many patients suffering from cancer the solution they’ve been looking for.

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Brain Cancer Infographic