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IPT has become a staple in cancer care and is the subject of much positive research in the past few years

IPT - Primary Cancer Treatments

IPT – Primary Cancer Treatments

This therapy uses two conventional drugs, a specific hormone and low-dose chemotherapy drugs. The hormone works on the cell membranes allowing the chemotherapy to target the cancer cells.
The most innovative part of this therapy is that it uses the tumour’s own greed against it. Think of it as the Trojan horse of cancer treatments.

Local Hyperthermia

Local body hyperthermia treatments use modern technology to target and destroy tumours without damaging surrounding healthy tissue

Local Hyperthermia - Primary Cancer Treatments

Local Hyperthermia – Primary Cancer Treatments

Unlike the X-ray radiation used in conventional radiotherapy, local hyperthermia is not radioactive and doesn’t harm the patients.
It has become an important and sought after treatment in integrative medicine because the risks compared to chemotherapy are significantly lower.

Biological Treatment

Biological therapies are supportive regimens that can sometimes fall under immunotherapy due to their nature, but are efficient in killing cancer cells

Biological Treatment - Primary Cancer Treatments

Biological Treatment – Primary Cancer Treatments

Biological therapies are an important factor in cancer treatment.

They are usually injections but can take up different forms depending on how they best serve their purpose in cancer care. Biological cancer care relies on stimulating a response in the body to specifically affect cancer cells in different ways.

Metabolic Treatments

Metabolism plays a key role in both creating and defeating cancer

Metabolic Treatments - Primary Cancer Treatments

Metabolic Treatments – Primary Cancer Treatments

Metabolic therapy uses a combination of special diets, enzyme therapy, nutritional supplements and other practices to try to remove harmful substances from the body and strengthen the body’s resistance to illness.
Other practices may include colonic irrigation, organic supplements and even complementary medicine such as acupuncture.


Anti-angiogenetic treatments stop new blood cells from forming and as a result, restrict the growth of new tumours

Anti-Angiogenic - Primary Cancer Treatments

Anti-Angiogenic – Primary Cancer Treatments

Angiogenesis inhibitors found in these therapies bind with endothelial cells and block their receptors.

When they are signalled by cancer cells, they no longer get the message and stop the production of blood vessels that would deliver nutrients to feed the cancer.

Herbal Medicine

The application of herbal treatments in cancer care involves using proven plants and plant extracts to stimulate a certain type of reaction

Herbal Medicine - Primary Cancer Treatments

Herbal Medicine – Primary Cancer Treatments

Herbal Medicine is an important aspect of complementary and integrative cancer treatments. What makes herbal therapy so progressive is that cancer cells can adapt and become resistant to many conventional treatments and drugs.

With Herbal Cancer Therapy, the focus is to bolster your body’s defenses and/or attack cancer cells by modifying the patient’s regimen based on the latest results. They offer specific responses to certain types of cancer activity, such as blocking the metabolic process in tumour cells.

Metronomic Therapy

Metronomic Ultra Low Dose Chemotherapy is a multi-targeted therapy which exerts both direct and indirect effects on tumour cells and their microenvironment

Metronomic Therapy - Primary Cancer Treatments

Metronomic Therapy – Primary Cancer Treatments

As an answer to high-level radiation and high-dose chemotherapy to eradicate tumours and cancer cells, integrative medicine introduces a low-dose treatment alternative to work alongside of our natural Immune-Boosting Protocols and Supportive Treatments.
This treatment uses the most appropriate chemotherapy drug for the specific cancer type but in a very different way.

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