Verita Healthcare Group Statement on Coronavirus in Thailand

Singapore, 6 February 2020 – In light of the threat of the recently discovered novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) in China, Verita Healthcare Group recommends that all travellers to Thailand should consult their respective government for overseas travel advisories, and closely monitor updates from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Careful consideration needs to be taken before undertaking any non-essential travel.  We do note, however, that when travelling in crowded places such as airports, planes and buses, an ambient threat of infection from a variety of illnesses and viruses has always existed.

As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, authorities and airlines are putting in place significant new measures to identify and contain the spread of the coronavirus and as a result other infections as well. Passengers are therefore informed and considerably more aware of the need to be responsible in their hygiene habits and the possibility of infecting those around them.

Thailand’s Department of Airports (DOA) has also implemented health surveillance systems such as thermal scans and handheld thermometers at all its commercial airports. Hygiene measures have been stepped up, including extra cleaning and disinfection as well as the provision of hand sanitisers.  

It may also be important to note that Thailand is ranked 6th in the world by Global Health Security Index in a comprehensive assessment of global health security capabilities across 195 countries in 2019. Please refer to the  World Health Organization or Global Health Security Index for more information

Here at Verita Life, we have fastidious hygiene protocols to protect the health of everyone. If you are planning to travel to our clinic in Bangkok, we will be happy to discuss your travel plans to identify how you can mitigate risks of infection. You can reach us at [email protected]

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